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Lanzarote Wedding Photographer | Jacob Malinski Photography
// Personal Work


Never before, have I published my private photos here and it’s probably the right time for me to share with you part of my private life: just as you are sharing your special day with me – now I want to show you my day, my week.

January is mostly a quiet month when I have finished all the weddings and it is good month to look at what I’ve done in the previous year, to reflect and prepare myself for the coming year. January also mostly is the month I spend most time with my partner Ania. We choose a place with no pressure, we spend free time together, just the two of us. The place is not an issue of great importance; sometimes mountains or forests, but usually places which inspire me with its greatness, its calm and its natural beauty.

This time we went to Lanzarote, black sand and lava everywhere☺ -strange place but when you have a car this changes the perspective; running away from the crowded cities, from backpackers, following your trail as you want and wherever you want. Lanzarote is a very small island, so one week exploring was perfect for both of us.