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Tipi Wedding Photography - Ellie + Peter



 Our wedding day was the most special start to our marriage. We had both been anticipating the day for several years and were overjoyed when it finally arrived. Jacob Malinski was actually the one to encourage us in creating a day that really represented us as a couple. Following that conversation we decided against the hotel wedding package and instead took the plunge and booked our outside tipi venue in Sussex. This ended up being the best advice we received, and enabled us to create a day in which we could celebrate the most important things in our lives - each other, our families, and above all, our faith in God. 

We were really blessed to be able to have over 200 people at our church ceremony and 120 at our reception meal and even though it was a large gathering it still felt intimate and like one big family. At times throughout the day we just looked around the room and felt overjoyed by the sense of love everyone was sharing. The meal was just like a family picnic but still felt so special and exactly how we'd hoped it would be. 

Many of our decorations were home made and this added to the rustic, cosy vibe, along with the fires for roasting marshmallows, fur rugs, and fairy lights. 

Since the wedding we have received our amazing photos and album from Jacob and it is so special to be able to relive the day. We both continue to pass on Jacob's advice to other couples we know: forget what anyone else has done and create a day that represents YOU!